Does Your Home or Office Need an Electrical Safety Check?

December 22, 2022

Scheduling an electrical safety check from a licenced electrician is low on most people’s priority list – until it’s not.

Don’t wait until sparks fly to address electrical safety in your home or business. Electrical fault finding can prevent accidents and save significant dollars by catching issues before they cause a bigger problem.

6 reasons to make electrical safety solutions a priority

  1. Electrical faults cause fires
  2. Faulty wiring is hard to detect
  3. Wasted electricity adds to your bills
  4. Preventative maintenance is cheaper than repairs
  5. Dodgy plugs and switches are a shock hazard
  6. Unlicenced electrical work is an insurance risk

What’s included in an electrical safety check?

During an electrical safety check, a licenced electrician will go through your home or business from top to bottom. Using specialised electrical equipment and their own experience, they will look for hidden signs of electrical safety risks, including:

  • Dated wiring
  • Old fuse boxes
  • Verifying smoke detectors
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Faulty fans and heaters
  • Earthing issues
  • Faulty RCDs
  • Damaged or incorrectly installed outlets
  • DIY electrical work

When the electrician arrives for an electrical safety check, they will start with a visual assessment of plugs, appliances, circuit boards and light fittings.

Next, they switch off the power to conduct a thorough wiring inspection safely. Because the power needs to stay off during the entire check, it’s a good idea to schedule electrical safety solutions at quiet times.

For homes, that means when the family is at work or school. And for offices, it means scheduling checks on weekends or after hours.

How to tell if you need an electrical safety check

Sometimes the signs that you need electrical safety solutions are obvious. Shocks, buzzing switches, regular outages and repeated blown globes are a kind of “DIY electrical fault-finding” on behalf of your building.

But they’re not the good kind of fault-finding.

You should always be proactive with electrical safety solutions by calling an electrician at the first clue that something isn’t right.

Moving into an old building

Homes and boutique offices in Perth that are more than 40 years old may have outdated wiring. Modern appliances could overload the circuits. Or worse, faulty wiring could be a hidden fire risk.

Moving into a new building

Even new builds can have electrical faults. If you get the feeling the builder cut corners with unlicensed electrical work, schedule an electrical safety check before moving in. Any rectifications could be covered under the builder’s warranty.

Faulty wiring

If a fuse blows unexpectedly or a socket sends out sparks, call an electrician ASAP. Don’t try to replicate the issue, as you could receive a nasty shock.

High power bills

Electricity costs are rising, but most people know how much they should be spending each month. If your bills are blowing out, it could be a sign of an electrical leak.

Call Perth’s electrical safety solutions experts

NJP Electrical is a locally owned business with a reputation for outstanding service. We know it’s the small details that make a difference.

When you call our experienced team for an electrical safety check, you know you’re getting fast, affordable, and professional service from local, licenced electricians     .

In other words, we’ve got your back.

Call NJP Electrical today to discuss electrical safety solutions at your home or office.

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