Electrical Renovation And Maintenance For Older Homes

May 3, 2022

Your guide to safe and cost-effective electrical maintenance.

If your home is more than 40 years old and has not undergone electrical renovation, the fallout can range from mildly frustrating to downright dangerous.

So how do you know when to call an electrician for upgrades? And what exactly does an “electrical renovation” involve?

This guide for Perth homeowners will take you through the common signs your house needs electrical maintenance.

Keep reading to find out what you can expect from a domestic electrician performing much-needed upgrades.

3 Signs Your Home Needs Electrical Upgrades

1. The house is 40+ years old

Many older Perth homes, especially post-war homes, were built with electrical infrastructure that cannot support modern power demands:

  • 6mm mains cables (16mm is today’s standard)
  • Porcelain fuses
  • No safety switches (RCDs)

If your home is more than 40 years old, it is worth scheduling a visit from a domestic electrician to find out if your home is a fire hazard.

2. Not enough power outlets

Too few power points is a common sign of an older home needing electrical upgrades. Not only is it frustrating to constantly unplug appliances when you need an outlet, but too few outlets is usually a sign that the mains power source is outdated.

And that probably means the rest of the electrical system needs an overhaul. Adding power outlets without performing electrical upgrades can quickly overload your system, causing another annoying issue…

3. Constant outages

Modern appliances do not play well with outdated electrical networks. If you are experiencing outages whenever you plug in a powerful appliance or do not get enough power to the device, it might be a sign of outdated wiring.

What Does An Electrical Maintenance Check Involve?

Electrical renovations often involve opening walls to replace cables and cutting new apertures for power points. So unless you are already renovating, an electrical maintenance check can be a cost-effective and non-disruptive way to confirm your upgrade requirements.

During an electrical maintenance check, an electrician will look at:

  • Incoming power supply
  • Outlet number and location
  • Switches (looking for RCDs or outdated porcelain switches)
  • Wiring condition
  • Switchboards
  • Smoke detectors
  • TV outlets
  • Heating and cooling appliances

The aim is to assess your home’s electrical system to find out when – or if – the system has been renovated.

What Does Electrical Renovation Involve?

We typically recommend scheduling major electrical renovations to coincide with other renovations. This is because electrical upgrades can involve:

  • Replacing old wires
  • Repairing faulty or frayed wiring
  • Moving or adding power points
  • Installing safety switches
  • Installing new data cabling
  • Replacing outdated switchboards
  • Removing porcelain switches

In some cases, homeowners have moved or added power points over the years without fixing the underlying power supply issues. Other homes might only need a new switchboard, while some older Perth homes and apartments need a complete electrical renovation to power modern appliances.

When To Call NJP For Electrical Renovations Or Maintenance

Electrical renovations do not need to be disruptive or expensive. Our domestic electricians focus on finding cost-effective solutions that bring power, safety and comfort into the 21st century for Perth homeowners.

If you have been putting off electrical maintenance, contact NJP Electrical to find out how we can modernise your wiring without major renovations.

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