The Most Common Residential Electrical Issues And How To Fix Them

August 23, 2022

What would we do without electricity? Unfortunately, it’s a question thousands of West Aussies are forced to answer every year when the power unexpectedly goes out at home.

Most of these instances are, thankfully, temporary. However, serious incidents do occur.

DFES WA responded to 724 residential fires in 2021, reporting that electrical faults were the leading cause of ignition.

Electrical fires, severe shocks and prolonged power outages are often preventable. All it takes is a little vigilance and the occasional visit from a residential electrical services specialist.


The 6 common signs of an electrical fault

Electricity is fundamental to modern life, but it’s not something we can see and touch like water. That means potential faults in the home often go unnoticed until you experience an outage – or worse, an electric shock.

Here are a few signs that you need professional electrical services to catch faults before they cause a problem.

1.     Faulty switches

The most common signs of electrical fault occur at outlets and switches:

  • Crackling or buzzing noises
  • Faulty dimmer switches
  • Sparking switches or outlets
  • Switches that seem to do nothing

If you experience any problems with outlets or switches, avoid all contact and call a residential electrician immediately.

2.     Blown fuses

Perth homes built before 1970 weren’t designed to cope with today’s power demands. If you’re making repeated trips to the fuse box or suspect your wiring is outdated, schedule an electrical maintenance check to get an expert opinion.

3.     Electrical shocks

Shocks can range from slight to severe. However, any electrical shock is cause for concern.

Electrical shocks could indicate damaged wiring, faulty outlets or damaged devices. If you experience even a mild shock that you think could be caused by your home’s wiring, contact a residential electrician before trying to use the outlet or switch.

4.     Electrical surges

Repeated electrical surges could indicate poor household wiring. Multiple or frequent surging can damage devices and burn out batteries, so it’s important to call a domestic electrician to investigate surging sockets.

5.     Dim or burnt-out lights

Bulbs have different wattages, so you should first make sure you haven’t accidentally swapped out a bright bulb for a dimmer one.

If replacing the bulb doesn’t solve the issue, or you repeatedly experience burnt-out bulbs, it could be a sign that your home’s electrical wiring isn’t up to modern standards.

Be careful when checking light fittings, as poor wiring and faulty fittings can cause electrical shocks. We recommend contacting an electrician if you have any concerns.

6.     Unusually high power bills

Electricity costs are rising, but you should still pay attention to abnormal spikes.

Faulty wiring could be causing an electrical leak, or you may have devices drawing too much power.


The good news is most electrical faults are fixable without major renovations. As experienced domestic electricians, it’s our job to provide electrical services in Perth that are affordable and accessible for the average household.

Your safety comes before everything else.

So when you’re looking for a residential electrician, go with the one trusted by thousands of Perth families.

No job is too big or small for NJP Electrical Services, Perth’s full-service residential electrical team.

With 20+ years of experience and a reputation for providing affordable electrical services, NJP is here to help your family stay safe from electrical risks. Get in touch with us for any electrical services that you may require.

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