Setting Up Shop: Electrical Advice When Moving To A New Retail Space

May 30, 2022

Relocating your business to a new store is an exciting time. A fresh start and a blank canvas give ample opportunity to create the perfect retail space, from an attractive design to quality outfits including electrical installations.

Whether you’re upgrading an older site or opening a brand new store, working with an experienced commercial electrician is a vital part of any successful retail location. The safety of customers and staff has to come first. Without reliable electrical contractors to work efficiently and effectively, your new business simply cannot function as it needs to.

Learn more about key electrical details required for setting up a state-of-the-art retail store.

The Value of Quality Commercial Electrical Services

When it comes to upgrading or installing a new retail fitout, a trusted electrical setup is essential. From lighting and appliances to security and circuitry, a quality electrical fitout provides the dependable backbone required to operate a brick-and-mortar store.

Opening a retail store comes with a certain amount of expectation and pressure; without functioning lights in the changing rooms or a fast card payment system customers are not likely to return.

Working with experienced commercial electricians like NJP comes with a high level of assurance, where attention to detail and impeccable service has resulted in a proven track record of multitudes of successful fitouts and happy clients.

What Does Your New Space Need?

Every retail space is different, making it important to work with a commercial electrician who understands the need for custom lighting and electrical setups that work for both your location and budget.

As well as ensuring each new addition meets Australian safety standards, certain vital components should be completed during a quality electrical fitout:

  • Lighting installation, including downlights and display lights
  • Eftpos system
  • Security system and cameras
  • Storefront signage
  • Installation of power outlets
  • Emergency and exit lighting
  • Data cabling
  • Design and layout for electrics
  • Phone systems, and more

Upgrade Vs New Electrical Fitout

The extent of commercial electrical services you require completely depends on the current state of the property. The only way to determine the required level of installations or upgrades is to consult with long-standing providers of quality electrical services, like our honest and hardworking team.

Certain instances will require a comprehensive new electrical fitout. For example, if the space in question was previously used for a different purpose, or is an older building with outdated electrics.

Moving into a pre-existing retail space, or a newer build, often requires straightforward upgrades or changes to smaller details like moving power outlets or installing an Eftpos system. Ensuring a quality electrical set up is not only essential for health and safety standards, but to ensure no problems occur during those all-important first months of opening a new store.

Trusted Commercial Electricians at NJP Electrical

NJP are a trusted team of qualified electrical contractors. We’re experienced in setting up a wide range of commercial and retail properties with a reliable electrical fitout.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial electrical requirements, be it general maintenance or comprehensive repairs.

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