Lighting Installation And Upgrades: Why You Should Install Led Lighting In Your Home

February 23, 2022

One of the most enjoyable aspects of upgrading or designing a new home is choosing those special details. These are what make a house a home. Typically, plenty of time is spent deciding on the right sofa or dining table. But what about that key feature in each room that sets the tone, and creates an ambience?

Too often lighting considerations are left by the wayside. The reality is, the right lighting can transform a room, creating an inviting space that oozes personality. From a style makeover to adding energy-saving bulbs, there are many great reasons to upgrade your lights. Read on to discover the key benefits of LED lighting.

When To Consider Lighting Installation or Upgrades

Often, it’s clear your property needs a new lighting installation – flickering lights and poorly lit rooms are a dead giveaway. However, there could be a more pressing reason for an upgrade – saving money and energy with energy-efficient lighting.

Those completing a new build should consider lighting longevity and opt for fittings designed to last longer while consuming less energy.

Anyone developing an existing property should consider upgrading their lighting to reflect impressive technological improvements. LED lighting seriously reduces energy bills, while offering well-designed overhead lighting.

Different Lighting Options

The top options for contemporary lighting consist of CFL (compact fluorescent lights) and LED (light-emitting diode). When compared to their predecessor – the halogen bulb – LED lights use an impressive 75-80% less energy; reducing bills while caring for the environment.

LED lighting works for twice as long as CFL’s, making them a premium option for overheads and downlights installations in the home. LED lights remove the need for constant replacement, while containing zero mercury.

Key Lighting Locations To Consider

When determining key locations for a new or replacement lighting installation, consider both your interior design needs and your practical necessities. Crucial rooms for premium lighting include living and dining areas, as well as kitchens.

Include outdoor lighting solutions in your decision-making and all spaces where entertaining or socialising are likely to occur.

When To Choose LED Lights For Your Home

Interior lighting plays a huge role in the ambience and comfort of a home, with each space requiring unique lighting solutions to suit the size, layout, and use of the room.

Longer lasting

LED lights for home are a smart long-term choice, with an incredible lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours – that’s a whopping 11 years without having to change a bulb!


Installing a premium LED downlights installation means saving over $100 a year on electricity bills, thanks to their impressive, long-lasting running cost.

Energy efficient

One of the main attributes of LED lights is their positive effect on global warming. Installing enduring bulbs means less carbon emissions and reduced pollution through minimal waste, as well as no harmful additions of toxic mercury.

Less heat = increased safety

Traditional bulbs create heat to produce light, making them more dangerous (and less energy efficient to have installed in your home; LED lights decrease the risk of house fires.

Speak To Lighting Installation Specialists At NJP Electrical

Working with experienced electricians is the only way to ensure quality lighting installations in your home. As long-standing providers of premium LED lighting solutions to the people of Perth, NJP Electrical are the reliable experts you need to get the job done.

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