Commercial Led Lighting: The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Commercial Lighting

July 12, 2022

With many commercial operations making the switch to LED lighting, it begs the question – does it truly make your business work better and brighter? Commercial LED electrical lighting has many benefits for businesses, from customisable formats to a cost-effective and energy-efficient nature.

Commercial property owners and tenants have a lot to balance, whether you’re updating a retail store,  moving offices or workshops. The flexible, innovative nature of LED lighting and electrical design is the ideal way to incorporate the latest technology at highly competitive prices.

Learn more about the advantages of upgrading your outdated lighting set in favour of a custom LED solution, and how NJP Electrical’s extensive industry experience can be the bright spark your company needs.

Commercial Lighting Requirements

While all properties need a basic lighting and electrical setup, such as power points, WiFi, and smoke detectors, commercial buildings have more extensive requirements than typical residential applications. With many people passing through each day – like consumers, clients & employees – the need for bright lighting, added security and multiple data points is necessary.

The extensive range of commercial electrical services offered by the knowledgeable team at NJP Electrical focuses on creating a useable, efficient layout and secure property, with reliable and energy-efficient lighting and power services:

  • LED lighting
  • Data, power points, Wifi (WAP)
  • Fibre optic wiring
  • Security lights, cameras, sensors
  • Fire alarms, smoke detectors
  • CCTV
  • Safety switches, testing and tagging
  • Maintenance, repairs

When To Upgrade With Commercial Light Installation

Running a commercial operation with poorly functioning lighting is not just impractical, but unsafe and staff efficiency can decrease. If your business or property development project is struggling with damaged overhead lights, broken light bulbs, or are constantly repairing electrical wiring issues, it’s time to consider a new LED light installation.

Choosing to invest in a lighting upgrade is one of the best long-term decisions you can make for a property, raising its market value and reducing those painfully high power bills.

Should you be a property owner, tenant or business owner working to renovate an existing space, there’s no better time to improve the lighting setup. Doing so means long-lasting, cost-effective lighting that reduces repair and maintenance bills, through a fully customisable installation.

What Are The Benefits Of An LED Electrical Lighting Upgrade?

The brightest advantage of upgrading to LED electrical lighting is the invaluable energy-efficiency, reducing your overheads and maintenance repairs while limiting carbon emissions by emitting minimal heat.

LED lights use a whopping 75% less energy than halogen bulbs, and last a lot longer than fluorescent bulbs. All this adds up to impressive yearly savings – a vital part of any business’s ROI considering how lighting can add up to 40% of total energy used.

Choosing to carry out a lighting assessment to determine your property’s current energy use is the first step in achieving better lighting, with LED electrical installations taking up less space while allowing more flexible control –  all as you help fight climate change.

Reliable Commercial Electrical Services With NJP Electrical

NJP Electrical Services are long-lasting leading providers of commercial lighting planning, installation, maintenance and repairs. Servicing many local businesses in a wide range of industries has given our knowledgeable electricians the insight and experience needed to provide office and warehouse electrical layouts and effectively tailored LED lighting solutions.

Contact us today to book an LED light installation, or to discuss your full fit-out requirements, or urgent repair needs across Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

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